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Singer-songwriter, first generation Quebecois, actress and dancer, Noé Lira loves to explore the mixing of forms, languages and cultures.
After several years of exploring and refining her artistic approach, accumulating residencies and workshops in Berlin, Medellin and Valencia, Noé moved to Tio'tià:ke (Montreal) to begin the creation of her first EP.

Latiendo la tierra is the result of the work of a team of over 40 women. From the start, with a 100% female team (production and canvassing), this project hopes to contribute to rectifying the gender inequalities that persist in the music industry. Produced by Rachel Therrien (Juno/Adisq 2020 nominee), under the Intempo label, with 11 female musicians, the album Latiendo la tierra (The Pulse of the Earth) was released on August 27, 2021. The lyrics address the need for social change, the dissonance of a transnational identity, the denunciation of violence against women, and the tax and resilience of uprooting and immigration. The message aims to foster solidarity and empowerment.


This project, supported by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, the Conseil des Arts du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, Musication and Emploi-Québec (Jeunes Volontaires), began its tour in the Village au Pied du Courant program in front of some 200 people. Accompanied by my accordion and Christine Tassan on musical co-direction and guitar, Doba on percussion and Juliette Malgrange on bass and cello, with Sophie El-Assaad on costumes and Christelle Franca as artistic advisor, I propose an immersive and collaborative show.


Since then, with Impresaria as booking agent, we have been part of the programming of Quand l'Art prend l'air (CAM) and les Aventures du Coeur de l'Île. The project was also selected for the MUZ (Vision Diversité) showcases, where it won 6 Coup de Coeur awards, as well as Mundial Montreal. Finally, I was invited to Belle et Bum and performed at the Théâtre Gilles-Vigneault as part of their 31 femmes | 31 spectacles program. Impresaria is currently working to articulate an eco-responsible tour for winter/spring 2022, in addition to continuing development work (Womex, Rideau, Roseq).



"May we nurture care, love, unity 

Embrace the dance, life force energy 

Surrender to the winds and bow before the waves 

Be thankful for every breath that you take 

Calling all hearts to seek for the light 

And may in compassion be rooted the change"

Ríndete - Noé Lira





Maude St-Amand Courcy


Maude St-Amand Courcy


Jacynthe Plamondon-Émond


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